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Rebranding business as usual.

The J. Clark Law Firm is the one stop shop for your trademark and small business needs. Plain and simple, our goal is to place ourselves in your shoes and give you strategies for making your mark as a business. We do it by shunning the needless and sometimes stuffy traditions and practices of the legal institution, stripping it all away to give you a clear strategy and a way forward. Our aim is to let nothing come between our firm and your business’ goals so that we can be a partner and figure things out with you. Its a new type of law practice, rebranded to suit you and your brand.

We could tell you what we do (corporate law, trademark prosecution and enforcement, copyright prosecution and enforcement, and cyberlaw) but that’s likely to fly no better than a lead balloon. Instead, we’ll explain how what we do can help you. Trademarks and copyrights are immensely important assets to your business and demand painstaking attention to detail. The right brand selection, development, and enforcement strategies can separate a multi-million dollar brand from a mere product identifier that consumers cannot distinguish in the marketplace. Similarly a strong business idea demands the proper entity plan, organization, and protections to deliver the desired result. Turning the focus away from plain vanilla legal strategies and form agreements allows us to deliver a fully customized and thorough strategy that functions like a finely tuned machine for your business and its goals.